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Art Lesson with OLIVia & EMma.

Just had an art lesson with Mary Reynold's granddaughters.  We went over the basics of drawing -- then various shades/values when painting a flower pot.

It was great.  & Look at their paintings!!  They are naturals!  :)


And the last -- of the Christmas Commissions.

A lived-in family room -- Alan Jackson -- &the family cats. Merriest of Christmas's Everyone!!  :)EMily

Two More...


Check out the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Kunsteveriene website. :)

[ADKV translates to the Working Group of German Community-Run Art Galleries, basically.]   
Our WorkArt Internships are highlighted -- and my photo & blog are up.****




My Horoscope for the day:
You are usually comforted by patterns, and you easily sync your personal rhythms to the routines of life. However, today you will benefit from a pattern interruption.

Deems fitting -- since today I am working on the four Christmas commissions I have to have done this week.***

But here are some of my newest paintings ---  the 'patterns' I am straying from.... temporarily.  :)

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