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Kirsten's Gift to Chris************
There is an E. Hubbard quote, "Love grows by giving."
Merry Xmas guys -- hope you like it.  :)EMily


Assembling the Tigers... w/a little help.***

Core Fit N' Motion-- Griep
Delano Chiropractic-- Berggren
Delano Floral & Gifts-- Schleper
Dancing River-- Hall
Linda's Photography--Knisley
Room to Breathe-- Zachman
Three Crows Cafe' & Coffee House-- Soebner
McDonald's Studio-- 4th Grade Sign 
Check them out NEXT WEEK.********


Just finished a commissioned piece!!
Can't post photos yet, since its a Christmas gift. BUT ---- it is DONE.**** It'll be fun to see what they think...

Below: My little brother had a Bday last week -- & my dad's is Saturday--- so I started this painting as well.  I went w/on this excursion -- no gun though.  Just camera.  I tend to focus less of the mutilation of the birds, & more on how pretty of a walk it is.**** 


100 Item Challenge.  Here goes.
Often times I feel the pull to DO THIS / ORGANIZE THAT -- before I can create.  So instead of ignoring it today --- I have decided that NO MORE OF MY CREATIVE ENERGY will be WASTED on 'stuff.' 
I read about this Dave guy -- & his 100 item challenge:  http://zenhabits.net/minimalist-fun-the-100-things-challenge/  So simple -- in theory, anyways.  But truly more deliberate.  Less responsibility for things.  More focus on life/art.  (I have 16 scarves - honestly Emily).
Hold me accountable people.******************


My FIRST ATTEMPT at a Self Portrait...

This photo was taken on a trip to Seattle -- out for afternoon lunch on the pier w/my great friend Katie.***  HA -- WOW.  I realize it's rough yet --- but hopefully will get better in the next few days.... Yikes!  Happy 12/12 all.  :)EM


"I just go where the guitar takes me."

-A. Young

I was supposed to go to a concert tonight w/a friend.  Due to the torrential snowfall - totally didn't happen.  Instead, then, I put on some music & painted this 'Red Guitar' scene.  The next best thing, I guess?!

Inspiration:  Photo I took last January -- while traveling in Israel.  It was a rooftop apartment in Old City, Jerusalem.  Nothing I'd ever expect to see there ------ but sooo pleased I did. 

Painting is definitely not complete - but I'm liking this 'one sitting' mentality. Its uberly-more productive. Plus, I can honestly say I couldn't paint this cleanly - when dealing with multiple wet colors - even just a few months ago.  Its fun to note the progress.

Cheers all. Be safe. & hope you enjoy my I'm-snowed-in-might-as-well-paint progression.** --EMily



You should all be super excited to see their masterpieces.  THey are color.  Pure. Amazing. Color.
I will post more photos next week - once they are assembled.  THANKS GUYS -- you are hilarious, inspiring, & truly wonderful painters.******


4th Grade Visiting Artist** (woo-HOo!)

Starting tomorrow I will be at Delano Elem. -- not as a math teacher, but instead, a VISITING ARTIST. :) :)  Over the summer I met Cay Griep, a 4th grade teacher.  We dreamt up an art week -- where I come in to work with the kids & somehow involve the community.  She gave me a lot of freedom, so here goes:

I went around & got seven locally-owned businesses to each sponsor a piece of art.  They gave $15 towards supplies & in return, will recieve & proudly display the completed piece in their windows next week.

It is an understatment to say that I am TOTALLY LOOKING FORWARD to being with these kids & am COMPLETELY THANKFUL to for this opportunity.  As much as I loved teaching math... I can't even imagine the freedom, creativity, and inspiration that will come from painting alongside 170+ goofy 4th-grade kids.  Honestly.   -----  Cheers all & happy week! --EM

"When I approach a child, he inspires in me two sentiments; tenderness for what he is, & respect for what he may become." - L.Pasteur


Start time = 8:38. End time = 10:02.

Today I tried to start & finish a painting in one sitting.  I rarely (never, actually) do. 

Usually, I leave one or two colors dry before applying the next batch.  Obviously, with oils, that takes a day or two - which is slowwwwww.  Especially when you are in a creative mood or have time to paint.

Anyways -- its is not quite finished...  I need to put some white trim on the barn, some cement-block detail on the silo & fix the mucky grass -- but its close!!  & the results were immediate. Which is just motivating.*****

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