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Apartment. Art. Salon.

I made some pretty great art friends during my time at the U.  To stay motivated --- to keep producing work -- and [mainly] for an absolute GREAT time ---- we take everything out of my apartment and hang a one-night art show.

Our first Art Salon was July 20th.  We had 96 people come through.
This past September - we planned one in a week -- and still have 65 people attend.  :)

Great work.
Lovely Art talk.
Cheers to all that came -- and an invite for all that would like to!!
[Below:  Sara W, Eben, Sarah R, & Joe.  We had a 3 hour critique the next morning.]


This Summer I spent a few weeks studying the art world -- w/ some of the U's greaetest -- in New York.  We stayed in Long Island City, and had studio space near Chelsea.  It was AMAZING.  Eye-opening.  & GLorious.  We exhibited our work at NYCAMS Studio.  [below is my interpretation of the Number System Base III].

Delano Community Market.

Delano is a great, great community.  The Food Council partnered with the Lion's Club -- and hosted a Art/Craft/Produce market every Saturday during the Summer months...  It was lovely.

My input was the logo design, this GINORMOUS sign, and many fashionable screen-printed Tees.  :)

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