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Dodie had me write up a "Perfect Day Scenario."  If anything, to have as a reference -- a guide to remind myself of where I am and where I long to be. It helped me organize my priorities/thoughts/goals a bit.  Therefore, I highly recommend it & figured I'd share:
****EM's Ideal Day****
6am -Wake up to a sunny, crisp day. Go for a walk or run. Come back to coffee & Monday crossword.  8am -Head out to studio. Organize. Rearrange. Get set-up & PAINT.  1pm -Lunch out on deck.  Munch grapefruit as I finish morning's crossword.  2pm -Back to studio. New piece. Plan it out. Lay foundations.  5pm -Someone offers to clean my brushes. :) Perhaps Dad or a friend comes out to look or just chill in my space.  6pm -Chaotic family dinner. Homegrown goodness. Mom's apple muffins.  7pm -Live twangy music. Laughter. Wine. Perhaps dancing.  10pm -I know its lame, but bed.  Glorious.**

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