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Things I've been up to lately:

My dad & I painted the exterior of the pump house.

Story:  Deer got extremely close to my Luther friend's kid - who was seated helplessly in stroller to the right.  Instead of grabbing kid -- Nicole grabbed the camera.**

When I asked Tamie Kugler if I could attempt this BWCA inspiration -- she told me its Mr. Kugler's resting place. No wonder it caught my eye... goofy K-man seeking a little attention!!?! :)  Borrowed Dodie's Phthalo Blue paint for the sky.  I love love LOVe it.  Much more radiant than my blues...  Huge fan.**

Other life bits: * My vball team is 15-8. * A mouse ran down my easel as I was painting the other night. * I teach math again, since a teacher is on leave w/form of cancer. * Meet up w/Delano 4th grade teachers & principal Wednesday to be official 4th grade visiting artist. * Tom Emmer commercial = shot at my coffee shop & I shake his hand & serve him a fake coffee. * My cow painting tore!! I have no idea why, but perhaps a seam in the canvas?!  I teared up, actually. * Yesterday I drove to Pepin, Wi for Dodie's Fresh Art Tour.  Twas great.  Lots of colorful, wonderful art. * I stopped 7 times on the way home -- beautiful overlooks and random antiquey farm equipment.  <-- next paintings... :)  * Lastly, I am 27 years old as of the 2nd.  Old -- but def. more sophisticated.*********

Closing thought, as life gets busy with things we think we need to be doing:  "Dont ask what the world needs.  Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it." H.Thurman  -----Cheers.  --EMily


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