WholeheARTed Creativity.


When I got to Dodie's  - she had an assignment for me:
4 COLORS:  red, yellow, blue, & white.


A canvas divided into 9 BOXES
Each box could have 3 SHAPES

I was to start in the middle & complete that square.  Then move clockwise around the canvas.  Painting the piece square by square. 

For such a 'simple' result --- the process of this painting was a complete learning experience. It forced me to MIX my colors -- decide which SHAPES gained importance, and OMIT/EDIT my composition continually.

 It was liberating knowing that the painting was simply to learn.  EXPLORE.  It didnt have to be a masterpiece.  Wasn't ever going to be.  It could just teach a lesson. -- Coolest part though?!  RED, YELLOW, BLUE, & WHITE.***  That's it.****

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