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4th Grade Visiting Artist** (woo-HOo!)

Starting tomorrow I will be at Delano Elem. -- not as a math teacher, but instead, a VISITING ARTIST. :) :)  Over the summer I met Cay Griep, a 4th grade teacher.  We dreamt up an art week -- where I come in to work with the kids & somehow involve the community.  She gave me a lot of freedom, so here goes:

I went around & got seven locally-owned businesses to each sponsor a piece of art.  They gave $15 towards supplies & in return, will recieve & proudly display the completed piece in their windows next week.

It is an understatment to say that I am TOTALLY LOOKING FORWARD to being with these kids & am COMPLETELY THANKFUL to for this opportunity.  As much as I loved teaching math... I can't even imagine the freedom, creativity, and inspiration that will come from painting alongside 170+ goofy 4th-grade kids.  Honestly.   -----  Cheers all & happy week! --EM

"When I approach a child, he inspires in me two sentiments; tenderness for what he is, & respect for what he may become." - L.Pasteur

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