WholeheARTed Creativity.


"I just go where the guitar takes me."

-A. Young

I was supposed to go to a concert tonight w/a friend.  Due to the torrential snowfall - totally didn't happen.  Instead, then, I put on some music & painted this 'Red Guitar' scene.  The next best thing, I guess?!

Inspiration:  Photo I took last January -- while traveling in Israel.  It was a rooftop apartment in Old City, Jerusalem.  Nothing I'd ever expect to see there ------ but sooo pleased I did. 

Painting is definitely not complete - but I'm liking this 'one sitting' mentality. Its uberly-more productive. Plus, I can honestly say I couldn't paint this cleanly - when dealing with multiple wet colors - even just a few months ago.  Its fun to note the progress.

Cheers all. Be safe. & hope you enjoy my I'm-snowed-in-might-as-well-paint progression.** --EMily

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