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Speaking Opportunity at the U of MN & WALKER ART CENTER!

To say I am excited.... would be a terrible understatement.  :)

I was nominated, then went through an interview process --- and am please to say that I will be the 'Painting Practitioner' for the Art School Lecture Series on 'Painter Painter' --- the Walker's new painting show.  The Art School Series is co-hosted by the Walker Art Center and the University of Minnesota, which is meant to help inform members and the public -- looking to get a more thorough understanding of the medium and where its at today. 

I will be speaking about my painting practice -- along with Lauren DeLand, an art historian from the U of MN.

Our Bios and more information about the show and March 17th Walker Lecture found here:

I attended the opening panel discussion in early February and the tour guide training sessions as well.  It is a great show.  And I am honored to be even a small part of it. Exciting!!  Cheers. --E

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  1. Your Walker presentation was awesome, and the enthusiasm you brought was inspirational. I also find a power in art based on system and structure, and have had the same sense of dismay when a numerically abstract design produces a representational artifact.

    "Kinda looks like a turtle--it bothers me."

    Keep up the good work.


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