WholeheARTed Creativity.


ALmOst.... so. close.

Dad & I made shelves from G'pa Mader's old doors.

G'ma Lynch surprised me w/a rug 'for the studio'.  :)

When I got home from TX, my dad had placed my welded popcorn thing on the front bricks.
(I knew it would someday have a purpose...)  & he had also installed the 'new' $4 window.

Nick & Amy Neaton gave me a tomato plant from their garden -- so I'm trying that whole hanging trend.**

Which now has its first tomato...

Anna & Ryan found a GREAT easel -- free -- on a curb somewhere!?!

The plant next to it was from my mom.  Its called a 'pretty much picasso' - petunia.
So yep.  All is well and progressing.... WOo - hOo.

Also, I spent an entire afternoon last week in Jeanne Stortz's studio.  She is a local artist out of Delano -- we drank sun tea and talked art.  It was wonderful.  SHe runs 'ArtSpas', kids classes, and just loves to create... awesome.  Thanks Jeanne.  & everyone above!! 


:) :)  Bye ALL.

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