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If you happen to see Mr. Jim Younk -- give him a high five. Definitely.

My old (former**) high school teacher is an amazing wood-worker. I met w/him on Tuesday with a few frame ideas -- he had this one finished by Thursday!  I just put it together thismorning -- & I love LOve it.  It's made of local barn wood, which just adds to the charm.  Even better than I had envisioned.  :) :) :) THANKS Mr. Younk!!

Oh, & here is my new set-up.  I got nervous w/my paints & canvases outside in the studio.  Yes, it gets toasty when the space heater is on -- but overnight/crazy-snow fests?! -- I decided not to drag things back & forth -- so I just took over yet another room of my parents' house.  They are being really good sports about it, which is why I love LOve them as well.******* 

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  1. That frame is so cool-- it fits the painting perfectly!


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