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St. CLoud Art CrawL*******

I love this shot.  Yes, I realize it's rather creepy taking a picture of people in front of your own work --- but I was honored. And super super curious...

This was the first time all of my stuff was really out in public.  An art-seeking public, at that. 

I couldn't help it:  What were they thinking?!  How did my work hit them?! Gosh, if it were at all socially acceptable -- I would have totally interviewed each person -- asking the above.*** :)
Dodie loaned me a book a few weeks back -- Lucian Freud.  He painted very intimate figures -- & is fantastic.  One of his quotes really hit me:  "The painter makes real to others his innermost feelings about all that he cares for. A secret becomes known to everyone who views the picture through the intensity with which it is felt."  --Lucian Freud

Okay, so I realize I paint boats & cars & the occasional cow...  Nothing super deep in any way.  But to me --- it is!? 

As Lucian said ----my paintings are my way of truly showing others how I think & relate to my world.  It was glorious to see others engaged in them ---- & I cant help but wonder what the heck they think!!

The night was great.  CMAB hosted & catered the event.  Lots of fun, artsy talk & people.  Thanks Anna (sister), Ryan (bro in law), Dustin (friend), Niko & Joe (former HT students) for coming.  Truly meant a lot.******

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