WholeheARTed Creativity.


Fun story:  I met a woman named Kathy, this past October & gave her my REd Cow business card.  This past Tuesday, she called.***  She works at Vivid Interiors, an interior design firm in Minneapolis.  I went & met with the designers on Wednesday morning & they liked 3 of my pieces.   

They asked me to modify this license plate -- by putting "Walser" on it.  They are rennovating Mr. Walser's home, & my Old Truck painting is going in his bathroom.*******  How cooL.

Also, update on my quest to reduce:  I'm finding myself becoming very creatively-clever.  Example:  25 old t-shirts = 1 spiffy rug.  Much more forgiving, when progressing towards 100.  Cheers!!

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