WholeheARTed Creativity.


"To be an artist is to
believe in life."  - H.Moore

A woman at my coffee shop today told me she just sensed the art on the walls was mine -- before reading the exaplanations.  She went on to say, 'More beautiful than the art -- is the essence of the person behind it.'  & w/o really knowing me, she can tell I am a "beautiful being." ********   SHe. MAde. My. dAY.

As for life -- just soo grand.  New connections & experiences seem to pop up daily.  I've never had certainty, quite like I do now...   Not necessarily my abilities -- but moreso the process I've started.  I truly KNOW (finally!) that this path is for me.   Rock on.   --EMily**

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  1. Aaron Lynch17.1.11

    LIVE. THE. DREAM!!!!!! I will get a picture of Boone Pickens Stadium for you, and If you paint it, it would sell like hotcakes down here. People are psycho about Cowboys Football


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